Belinda Jones and Kiana Garius

Recorded February 28, 2024 Archived February 28, 2024 38:18 minutes
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Friends Belinda Jones (63) and Kiana Garius (23) discuss interracial and intergenerational friendship.

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Belinda Jones (BJ) and Kiana Garius (KG) talk about how they met.
KG reflects on living with BJ.
BJ talks about her upbringing.
KG shares a moment she experienced at work recently.
BJ talks about how people perceive her and KG when they are out together.
BJ shares a story she used to tell her students.
KG asks BJ about the last time she cried.
KG talks about traveling as a person of color.
KG and BJ talk about judging others.
BJ asks KG about her new job and lessons learned so far.
BJ asks KG what she wanted to be when she grew up.
BJ asks KG what she thinks makes the two of them good friends.
BJ asks KG where she sees herself in 10 years.
BJ reflects on quitting smoking.
BJ asks KG if there is anything she would like to share with her that she has not already.


  • Belinda Jones
  • Kiana Garius

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