Ben Breed and Amod Daherkar

Recorded November 12, 2022 Archived November 12, 2022 39:49 minutes
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Colleagues Ben Breed (20) and Amod Daherkar (19) discuss the company they cofounded, Gazelle Ecosolutions, and share how their education at McCombs has supported their work.

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Amod (A) and Ben (B) recall how they met at the McCombs School of Business through their friends who got a team together to create a pitch for a competition. They describe their company, Gazelle Ecosolutions, which they say aims to create eco-credits through a partnership with cattle ranchers in Botswana.
B explains carbon credits.
A and B talk about the competitions they entered and the awards they won at the Texas Social Innovation Challenge and the Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge.
B remembers the morning of pitch event, and they share why their work matters.
A and B talk about learning about environmental science “on the job” through their collaboration with Dr. Meyer and the research being conducted at the Kalahari Science Institute.
B and A reflect on being part of a team that’s made up of young people.
B shares how he came to study accounting at McCombs School of Business.
A discusses how he founded his first company in high school, and why he decided to enroll at McCombs.
A reflects on the interdisciplinary connections he’s made outside of McCombs with the greater University of Texas at Austin network.


  • Ben Breed
  • Amod Daherkar

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