Ben Porter and William Porter

Recorded December 26, 2019 Archived December 26, 2019 40:21 minutes
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Ben Porter (43) talks to his father, William "Bill" Porter (68), about growing up in rural Iowa, his love of fishing, and his career as a professor of wildlife sciences.

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Bill talk about growing up in Cedar Falls, Iowa and the Porter Camera Store.
Bill recalls his time working at his dad's camera store and working with his sisters. He credits his time at the store as foundational for learning how to listen and deliver on a customer's needs.
Bill talks about his lifelong love of fishing. Bill talks about why fishing has been so important to him and his family.
Bill talks about his decision to go the University of Northern Iowa.
Bill goes to the University of Minnesota for grad school and eventually researches the possibility of returning turkey to the Midwest.
Ben asks Bill why hunting has declined so much.
Bill recalls his time running a research station New York.
Bill reflects on the milestones in his career.
Bill tells Ben why he decided to settle the family in a rural spot.
Bill talks about his fascination with science-fiction.


  • Ben Porter
  • William Porter

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