Bertel King and Alexandra Slusher

Recorded June 23, 2021 Archived June 21, 2021 44:14 minutes
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One Small Step partners Bertel King (31) and Alexandra "Alex" Slusher (63) share about their experiences with identity, Bertel expanding on his identity as a black man, and Alexandra talking about being the daughter of an Indian mother. Bertel and Alexandra discuss their religious beliefs and reflect on the response to the racial movements in the past year since the death of George Floyd.

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TRACK 1 BK talks about moving to Virginia right before the 2016 election.
AS talks about her upbringing with an Indian mother and how that impacted her views and perspectives.
BK speaks to his experiences with prejudice.
AS talks about her feelings of acceptance in the Indian community.
BK talks about his background as a technology writer.
AS recalls a time when someone assumed her race. She talks about the prejudice she experiences as a woman.
BK talks about meditating and gardening. He shares about his spiritual practice, Zen Buddhism.
TRACK 2 BK talks about his Christian upbringing and how he centers love in his religious practice.
BK talks about the response to George Floyd's death. He talks about his own fears as a black man when considering the justice system in the US.
BK speaks to the support he has seen from white people in the Black Lives Matter movement.


  • Bertel King
  • Alexandra Slusher

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