Bessie Duncan and Sheryl Dobson

Recorded July 14, 2023 Archived July 14, 2023 44:48 minutes
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Sheryl Dobson (60) asks her mentor and friend, Rev. Dr. Bessie Duncan (80) about her relationship to God, and her most important experiences and life teachings.

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Sheryl (S) introduces Rev. Dr. Bessie (R). R introduces herself. She grew up in Harlem, went to Catholic school and is currently a Pastor in New Jersey.
Participants talk about the literal and metaphorical importance of endpapers.
R discusses theme of displacement and how she listened to God to find her path.
R shares her mindset on aging and being forever youthful. She also shares how she stays strong.
R shares a story from her teaching days, where she helped a young boy who was having behavioral issues.
R says that she never wanted to go into teaching or working in the ministry, and ended up going into both.
R discusses the importance of humor.
We revisit the story she shared about the boy.
R shares her proudest moment when she heard her name being called by God.
R shares that her growth and changes in her life have been organic.


  • Bessie Duncan
  • Sheryl Dobson

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