Beth Clavenna-Deane and Kay Clark

Recorded July 24, 2022 Archived July 24, 2022 49:19 minutes
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One Small Step partners Beth Clavenna-Deane (52) and Kay Clark (74) talk about their careers and changes in their political views.

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BCD reads KC's bio and asks her questions about her upbringing in a small farm town in Kansas and the way hatred has fueled most conflict in the US around the 2016 election.
KC reads BCD's bio and asks questions about her career in education. KC asks BCD about parents wanting to be involved with the curriculum.
KC shares how her second husband has been the most influential person in her life. He taught her the power of forgiveness. BCD shares that her mother's outspokenness influenced in her in a positive way.
KC shares why she identifies as a moderate Republican, and BCD describes herself as a moderate Democrat.
KC asks BCD about her family dynamic as a moderate Democrat, a husband who is a moderate Republican, one son who is more left, and one son who is more conservative. BCD talks about how she and her husband had to model finding a middle ground, and now they are able to have healthy discourse.
BCD and KC talk about their varying levels of political involvement.
BCD and KC talk about how their careers have been impacted by COVID-19 and misinformation.
KC and BCD talk about their political views have shifted over time. They share how their views have changed on healthcare and abortion.
KC asks BCD about her work in education with LGBTQ and students of color.


  • Beth Clavenna-Deane
  • Kay Clark

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