“[Better satellite monitoring] will improve our ability to bridge the gaps between the haves & have nots." interview with Ashutosh Limaye

Recorded February 27, 2019 Archived February 27, 2019 19:46 minutes
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Through his work with SERVIR, Ashutosh Limaye could be described as one of Earth’s watchdogs. The project scientist at the Marshall Space Flight Center’s job is to take NASA satellite data back down to the Earth and help people use it. This has included helping to improve forecasting in flood-prone parts of Bangladesh to save lives and help local farmers in Africa avoid crop losses through better weather forecasting.

While he now monitors satellite data, his interest in making small changes to help local people dates at least back to his early days in university, when he was studying civil engineering. He had a friend with a farmhouse in a rural area of India he’d visit on the weekends which had a small stream out back. One day he realized that building a small dam on this waterway could greatly help to conserve water which could later be used by poor farmers downstream in dry periods. His idea was later picked up by a local non-governmental organization who built the dam to help with local food security. (Recorded 13 December 2018)


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