Beverly DuGay and Brandon Gaide

Recorded February 1, 2023 Archived February 1, 2023 51:46 minutes
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One Small Step partners Beverly "Bev" DuGay (90) and Brandon Gaide (40) talk about their upbringings, the challenges that they have observed in their church communities, and their experiences of finding friendship in different places.

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Bev and Brandon talk about why they chose to participate in One Small Step, and they read each other’s bios.
Brandon talks about all of the places that he has lived.
Bev talks about her upbringing and her life with her husband in Kansas.
Bev talks about why the war in Ukraine and environmental issues matter to her.
Brandon talks about the experience of moving to Jakarta, Indonesia as a teenager. He reflects on finding his faith while living there.
Bev talks about how growing up in Kansas shaped her. She reflects on finding community at Sterling College.
Brandon talks about his wife and two daughters. Bev talks about her two daughters who passed away and the friends that have since supported her and her husband.
Brandon reflects on his first career in the ministry and talks about how it impacted his approach to his current work as a strategy consultant.
Bev and Brandon talk about why their churches have struggled to engage young people.
They talk about why they do or don't feel connected to big national and international political issues.
Brandon talks about his passion for building things and learning new skills.
Bev reflects on what keeps her going at 90.
Brandon talks about his path to living in Wichita.
Bev and Brandon reflect on what surprised each of them about the other.


  • Beverly DuGay
  • Brandon Gaide

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