"Biology is a planetary process. Biogeoscience is earth & space together." an interview with Diane McKnight, Dork Sahagian & Mary Voytek

Recorded May 30, 2019 Archived May 30, 2019 38:54 minutes
Id: APP641832


How did Biogeoscience become a recognized field of study, with its own journal and sections at AGU? What obstacles did its organizers have to overcome in order to make it a viable field and a welcome presence at AGU? In this interview, Diane McKnight, Dork Sahagian, and Mary Voytek, three biogeosciences pioneers share the history of biogeosciences, and how its presence at AGU, in its journal, and elsewhere has provided a welcome home for science and scientists who may not have found a good home anywhere else. In turn, AGU’s embrace of biogeosciences has allowed others to come together for the betterment of AGU and biogeoscience. (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Ilan Glazer
  • Dork Sahagian
  • Mary Voytek
  • Diane McKnight

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