Bob Carstensen, Shane Randel, and Robin Randel

Recorded August 22, 2022 Archived August 22, 2022 39:24 minutes
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Bob Carstensen (94) shares a conversation with his daughter Robin Randel (68) and grandson Shane Randel (48), about his memories with his family, his experiences in World War II and The Great Depression, and his relationship with his grandchildren and children. They also talk about flying airplanes and remember late family members.

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B talks about his happy place in Boise, Idaho
B talks about how he got interested in flying.
B talks about how many years he was a pilot.
B talks about how his life has been.
B talks about people's right to worship how they want.
B talks about some of his favorite memories and S shares his favorite memory of a boat.
B talks about the miracles that he has experienced in his life.
S explains how his grandmother got her nickname.
B talks about his experience trying to join the military.
B talks about Europe during World War II and his experiences.
B recalls the first couple of years in Germany and describes the soldiers.
B talks about how he felt when he knew he was going to become a father.
B talks about his late daughter Sherri.
B talks about how he felt when his grandchildren were born.
B talks about how he wants his grandchildren to think of him.
B talks about how he wants to be remembered.
B recalls life when R was a child.
R recalls her childhood as an adventure and acknowledges B for her childhood an adventure.
R recalls having fun as a child and B being a part of that.
B and R recall memories and share stories of going on car trips.
B talks about his favorite memory of S.
S recalls a memory of an axe and B's finger.
B shares memories of his life during the Great Depression.
B and R talk about family and B talks about what he is proud of.
B talks about the feelings of flying.


  • Bob Carstensen
  • Shane Randel
  • Robin Randel

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