Bob Haozous and Emily Haozous

Recorded April 15, 2023 Archived April 15, 2023 39:37 minutes
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Dr. Emily Haozous (49) and her father Bob Haozous (80) discuss their family history, the legacy and identity of Bob’s grandfather, and the impact Bob's grandfather has had on their own sense of identity.

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B and E speak about B's grandfather Juan de Dios and the familial contention and mythology surrounding his identity and life story.
B and E discuss the emotional and societal factors that have impacted the way their family understands their heritage. They reflect on how B's mother understood their family heritage.
B and E reflect on how Juan de Dios might have seen his own identity. B speaks on the impact of Indian boarding school on his mother and their family.
E and B share the facts and stories they do have about Juan de Dios's life and identity. They discuss what life was like for Juan and for B's mother growing up.
E and B discuss the complexities of B's mother's sense of identity. E talks about her own struggles with identity.
B reflects on the complexity of making sense of their ancestors' identity through a modern lens and how their family understands their heritage and identity now.
B speaks on how the 1960s changed Indigenous identity in the United States.
B and E reflect on what it means to them to have Juan de Dios as their ancestor and what they want the next generation of their family to carry on. They also reflect on legacy.


  • Bob Haozous
  • Emily Haozous

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