Borden Wilson and Clay Wilson

Recorded January 19, 2022 Archived January 19, 2022 36:14 minutes
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Siblings Borden Wilson (57) and Clay Wilson (62) discuss childhood memories of growing up in Texas then moving to Florida. They talk about losing their father at a young age, growing closer over the years, taking care of their 93 year-old mother, Greek life, athletics and the importance of a person's character.

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Borden (B) asks Clay (C) how was it to be the only male in the house growing up. C responds that when he was younger it was not that big of a deal but as he got older he probably spent a lot of time in the room with the door closed needing alone time.
B and C talk about B getting into music and studying a lot. B then asks C what was his memories of their father since he died when they were younger. She was 3 and he was 8. C responds that he doesn't remember a lot but he recalled an Astros baseball game and going fishing and now not being able to part with their father's tackle box. They recall memories of their sister Kelly sending letters their father use to write at Christmas time. They talk about hearing good things about their father and him being a guiding light in their life. Then they discuss their grandfather having the same character.
B and C talk about their family moving to Florida from Texas. C mentions feeling mental stress and anxiety and asks C how he felt about moving. C responds that their mother told him he could either stay in Texas and have no car or move to Florida and have a car and any choice of colleges. He felt independent, packed and brought himself to the University of Florida. C describes it being that point in life when he was ready to do that. B adds that if she had coping skills like him she would have saved money on therapy.
B and C talk about Greek life being important for them and their siblings. B adds that he felt like his group of friends were more like people he fell into and less about Greek life. He shares a memory of a friend who opened the door to his fraternity and is a friend to this day. He adds that having a fraternity helped when going from a small high school to a large university. C agrees that her sorority created a sisterhood and bonding.
B talks about their relationship and that she loves how their relationship has grown closer. B asks C to talk about times when they were not as close. She mentions a feeling of sibling rivalry and feeling like she was a bit immature and stubborn. She noticed that their mother would get excited that C was home. She then mentions that over the last 10 or 15 years she sees how important he is to their mother and that she lights up. This is something she loves now. B mentions their relationship became closer after he moved to Miami.
B mentions C being the executor of their 93-year-old mother's will. Then asks C how does he feel about it.
C drops out when a phone call comes in.
B repeats the question. C responds that he just takes it as a responsibility as a friend, son and doesn’t feel like a burden. He mentions that he worries about it from time to time. C mentions that Tracey, their sister, takes on some of the responsibility.
B asks C about Toastmasters and asks him why he got involved. C responds that he avoided it for years because he didn’t want to speak publicly. The organization that he was working for had its own chapter and he could no longer avoid it. C then describes the first time he prepared for a speech and how long it took and how it got shorter after some time of doing it. He talks about becoming a subject matter expert.
B and C discuss the character of a person. C talks about their grandfather and father. He describes a persons' reputation is what the public sees and their character is what they do in their house. C adds that he wants to be known as a person who is doing the right thing. C thanks his sister B and mentions a time when he used her advice in business and thanks her for taking care of their mother. B responds that it is easy when you have someone to lean on and that she is grateful and loves to see the joy on their mother's face when she sees her brother.


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