Coesse Elementary Teacher Shares About Being a Part of a Family

Recorded December 14, 2017 Archived December 14, 2017 10:07 minutes
Id: APP448117


Kalie Shockney (17) gets together with Brandi Duncan (40) to talk about how being a part of Whitley County Consolidated Schools has affected her life. Brandi is an elementary school for Coesse Elementary school. A question asked in the interview is "Do you enjoy your job as a teacher? Why?". In response, Brandi wholeheartedly says "I do enjoy being a teacher. To be honest, kids always have a way of making my day, whether its just small 'ah-ha!' moments or just them figuring something out on their own. It's always worth my time to be their teacher."


  • Brandi Duncan
  • Kalie Shockney

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