Brandie Miklus and Jackson McQuigg

Recorded January 28, 2022 Archived January 28, 2022 35:31 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Brandie Miklus (40) and Jackson McQuigg (51) share a conversation about their involvement with Friends of Tampa Union Station. They discuss the history of the station, their personal connections to it, transit in Florida and historic preservation.

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JM asks BM what motivated her to join the board of Friends of Tampa Union Station.
JM describes his connection Tampa Union Station, and thinks about what his dad would say about Tampa if he were alive today.
BM talks about JM inspiring her. She describes when she first "got bitten by the train bug."
JM discusses the rail service in other parts of Florida, and how Tampa is lagging behind. BM talks about the relationship between preservation and development.
JM talks about other preserved buildings in Tampa. BM and JM discuss some of the challenges they face in getting people to bond with the station, and describe some of the station's historical significance.
JM talks about the book he wrote about Tampa Union Station, and discusses the people who have passed through the station.
JM describes how he's met some of his best friends through Friends of Tampa Union Station. BM talks about the good JM has done.


  • Brandie Miklus
  • Jackson McQuigg

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