Brandon Scovill and Jason Smithberg

Recorded December 2, 2022 Archived December 2, 2022 57:11 minutes
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One Small Step partners Brandon Scovill (42) and Jason Smithberg (46) have a civil conversation about their similar and different political views.

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Partners ask each other why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Jason describes his personal political values as a "quiet conservative," his disappointment in the current direction of the Republican party, and his belief that many agree but are afraid to speak up due to the potential for backlash and negativity.
Both partners discuss the current political challenges facing their home state of California and the need for more than "two sides."
Brandon describes how his personal political values have evolved, his frustration with the Democratic party, and his work with refugees and immigrants.
Jason asks Brandon whether he ever tried to convince refugees to vote for one political party because he hears that as a reason for why the U.S. borders are "porous." Brandon responds that his work requires him to be "politically neutral," but that he can understand the frustration.
Brandon describes his belief that we need a better political system overall and that Democrats aren't "innocent," but that he thinks the Republican party in particular has "lost its way."
Jason shares his frustration that Republicans aren't offering solutions and that they need to either "put up or shut up."
Both partners share what surprised them about the conversation.


  • Brandon Scovill
  • Jason Smithberg

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