Bret Baker and Alaa Saloha

Recorded December 13, 2021 Archived December 13, 2021 51:53 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Alaa "Al" Saloha (43) and Bret Baker (71) meet for the first time virtually to take part in the One Small Step project in Oklahoma. Al and Bret talk about their upbringings, Al's immigration to the U.S., what traveling around the world has taught both of them, and the admiration and lessons they learned from their fathers.

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Bret talks about wanting to talk politics with close friends.
Al talks about how he got to Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Al talks about his father - who he says was the definition of "Oklahoma grit".
Al talks about bringing people in to the United States and immigration.
Bret talks about it being difficult to find the differences between him and Al.
Al talks about how to continue this conversation in the country.


  • Bret Baker
  • Alaa Saloha

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