Brian Baker and Lola Adeyemo

Recorded August 12, 2022 Archived August 12, 2022 42:33 minutes
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One Small Step partners Brian Baker (65) and Lola Adeyemo (38) talk about education, religion, and their political beliefs.

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BB talks about his career as a librarian and the financial hardships he faced.
LA talks about her upbringing in Nigeria and immigration to the United States for college.
BB talks about his father and the impact he had on his life.
LA talks about how her father has influenced her life and his passing in 2015.
LA talks about the role religion plays in her life and the differences between churches in Nigeria and the United States.
BB talks about social media and how it divides people politically.
LA talks about her experience as in graduate school as an international student.


  • Brian Baker
  • Lola Adeyemo

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