Brian Daldorph, Antonio Sanchez-Day, and Michael Hartnett

Recorded November 17, 2020 Archived November 17, 2020 43:07 minutes
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Friends Brian Daldorph (62), Antonio Sanchez-Day (46) and Michael Hartnett [no age given] talk about the writing program at the Douglas County Jail that all three friends have participated in various capacities, for Antonio as formerly incarcerated and now a volunteer, and for Brian and Michael as instructors, and the friends also talk about the power of the written word.

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BD talks about the writing program that they started at the Douglas county jail, and shares a poem.
ASD talks about becoming involved with drugs and alcohol at age 16 and childhood traumas, which led to him running with a gang and being incarcerated for 10 years and learning about the writing program.
ASD talks about the therapeutic nature of writing for him.
ASD says that he is the only former inmate who is able to now go back into the jail as a volunteer.
MH talks about his involvement in the writing program and the events in his life that led him to become involved with the program.
MH reads a poem and talks about how rewarding the program has been for him.
ASD talks about his book that he is working on.
ASD talks about making contact with his favorite author.
MH describes moments when inmates have broken down and cried while reading what they had written in class.


  • Brian Daldorph (b. 1958)
  • Antonio Sanchez-Day (b. 1974)
  • Michael Hartnett (b. 1946)

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