Brianna Griffin and Nathan Esau

Recorded October 26, 2022 Archived October 26, 2022 50:10 minutes
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One Small Step partners Brianna Griffin (27) and Nathan Esau (62) talk about growing up in Kansas, politics, and their respective careers.

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BG explains Forensic Psychology and her career aspirations in the field of psychology.
BG talks about her aunt who was her social worker and how she influenced her life.
NE describes what it is like to be liberal in rural Kansas. BG explains what it was like growing up conservative and how her life experiences have made her lean more liberal.
NE talks about his travels to Cuba and the differences he noticed.
BG talks about the lack of attention to socioeconomic diversity.
BG talks about her adoption story and experience in foster care.


  • Brianna Griffin
  • Nathan Esau

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