Brittany Burr and Cameron Drake

Recorded January 29, 2022 Archived January 29, 2022 39:01 minutes
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Brittany Burr (28) shares a conversation with her fiancé, Cameron Drake (30), about losses in their lives, their experiences with grief, and how they learned to cope with grief.

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CD remembers the loss of his mother to cancer.
CD talks about the effect of his mother's death on his father, and the lack of structure in their family. He remembers finding his father when he died.
CD describes the challenges he experienced in the months following his father's death. He talks about his decision to study behavioral health at USF.
BB and CD talk about meeting through the behavioral health program at USF. BB remembers her mother being diagnosed with cancer.
BB remembers the last time she saw her mother, and her passing. BB and CD remember BB reaching out to CD four years later.
CD talks about coming into his grief around graduation time. BB and CD describe their first date, and talk about BB learning to cope with her grief.
BB describes how she and CD are supportive of each other. They discuss their similar perspectives on life.
CD and BB talk about coexisting with grief. CD discusses "owing his life" to grief.


  • Brittany Burr
  • Cameron Drake

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation