Bronte Sorotsky and Eddie Huijon

Recorded August 22, 2020 Archived August 22, 2020 39:54 minutes
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Friends and classmates Bronte Sorotsky (22) and Eddie Huijon (24) discuss the pros and cons of living in San Francisco as a college student.

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BR discusses the work she's done around housing in the Bay Area.
EH describes his journey with finding housing as a college student.
EH recalls seeing students living in vans.
EH describes living in Orange County due to COVID.
BS describes living outside of San Francisco due to COVID.
BS discusses the difficulties living as a college student in San Francisco. "I think in San Francisco working one job just isn't enough."
BS and EH discuss how schools can support students attending class in San Francisco.


  • Bronte Sorotsky (b. 1998)
  • Eddie Huijon (b. 1996)

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