Bruce Farling and Sean Benton

Recorded June 6, 2022 Archived June 6, 2022 32:26 minutes
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Sean Benton [no age given] interviews his friend Bruce Farling (68) about his work in water conservation and the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana.

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BF starts talking about the different rivers in Montana and "forgotten rivers."
BF talks about river pollution, dead fish, and writing stories about the Clark Fork River in the 1980s.
BF recalls the Clark Fork Coalition and plans to remove contamination.
SB recalls moving to Missoula in 1995 during community discussions of dam removal and water conservation.
BF talks about battles that communities face when cleaning the water supply.
BF talks about the mining industry.
BF talks about what he is most proud of.
SB thanks BF for his work.


  • Bruce Farling
  • Sean Benton

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Missoula Public Library

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