Bryan Clyatt and Dan Gee

Recorded December 11, 2022 Archived December 11, 2022 39:47 minutes
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Lifelong friends Bryan Clyatt (41) and Dan Gee (40) tell stories about growing up poor and their years together at Boysville, a children’s home and shelter outside San Antonio, Texas. They reflect on the ways they've come to achieve and define success.

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Dan Gee (DG) remembers where he used to live before Boysville.
Bryan Clyatt (BC) talks about the very first house he lived in and tells the story of jumping out of the window onto old mattresses growing up.
DG recalls stealing hose water from the neighbors for "bath day" growing up.
BC talks about generational improvement and reflects on his parents' situation, his own, and that of his kids.
DG remembers being in a gang at age nine.
DG talks about his time in the Navy and tells a story about a young recruit asking him for help with his laundry.
BC reflects on the transition to living on his own after leaving Boysville and going to college.
DG talks about what success means to him.
BC and DG remember a Christmas shopping trip they took together with Boysville.


  • Bryan Clyatt
  • Dan Gee

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