Brynn Cadigan, Gradydon Moll, and Morgan Moll

Recorded June 11, 2020 Archived June 11, 2020 39:31 minutes
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Graydon Moll (69) talks to his children Brynn Cadigan (37) and Morgan Moll (23) about his experience of parenthood. Together, they remember when Brynn and Morgan’s mother died 9 years ago, and the way that loss shaped their family dynamic moving forward.

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GM reflects on how he was parented.
GM remembers playing baseball and boating with his family as a child.
GM talks about how he has parented BC and MM differently. He recalls the death of their mother 9 years ago.
GM discusses what changed about his parenting when his kids' mom died. MM and BC share how they saw life change in that time.
BC reflect on how MM's biological mom was a strong mother figure to her.
GM talks about what it's like to parent now that BC and MM are adults. He reflects on being an "empty nester".
MM talks about going back to school after his mom died.
GM shares regrets on parenthood.


  • Brynn Cadigan
  • Gradydon Moll
  • Morgan Moll (b. 1996)

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