Cairo Dye and Henry Godinez

Recorded October 29, 2020 Archived October 29, 2020 40:30 minutes
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Cairo Dye (23) interviews her former professor Henry Godinez (62) about teaching theatre during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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HG talks about how COVID has impacted the theatre industry, but he says personally, he feels blessed to be healthy and employed.
HG describes some of the biggest challenges of teaching during COVID.
HG talks about teaching hybrid classes and how the phrase, "Necessity is the mother of invention" has been true during this experience.
HG talks about bringing theatre into the community since the community can't come to the theatre.
HG reflects on resilience and shares a memory of an encounter with his 7th grade football coach that stuck with him.
They talk about perspective and what keeps them going.
They talk about the upcoming 2020 election and patriotism versus nationalism.
They talk about the need to not just be an ally but to combat Anti-Blackness in America.
CD thanks HG for being a great teacher.


  • Cairo Dye
  • Henry Godinez

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