Carin Mayo and Tosca Hieftje

Recorded April 24, 2021 Archived April 24, 2021 01:23:09
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One Small Step conversation partners Tosca Hieftje (65) and Carin Mayo (52) discuss womanhood, pets and finding what diversity means.

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TRACK 1 CM recalls her upbringing which parallels TH’s life.
CM recalls the impact the Vietnam War had on her and how it became a point of politicization for her.
CM and TH discuss the impact of the various American wars on their lives and how they view gender identity.
“If you don’t have diversity of thought, you don’t have diversity.”- TH
TRACK 2 TH and CM discuss their pets, other outdoor animals they experience, music and food.


  • Carin Mayo
  • Tosca Hieftje

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