Carla Bond and Holly Hunter

Recorded July 9, 2022 Archived July 9, 2022 51:48 minutes
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One Small Step partners Carla Bond (57) and Holly Hunter (66) talk about environmentalism, education, and the importance of examining complex political issues with a critical lens.

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Carla and Holly talk about their professional backgrounds and their interests in education, nature, and environmentalism.
They talk about the state of American democracy and the disconnect between politicians’ positions and the priorities of everyday people.
They talk about the busyness and the distractions of everyday life and how they impact civic engagement.
They talk about how they engage in political conversations with others.
They talk about the importance of whom we elect to office.
They talk about the complexity of political issues and the prevalence of overly simplistic explanations.
They discuss the education system and how policies regarding school curricula impact what students learn.
They talk about the differences in attitudes and political views across different parts of the country.
Holly talks about how living in Oklahoma and working in the natural gas industry impacted her environmental views.
Carla talks about how her political views have evolved over time.
They talk about their hopes for the future.


  • Carla Bond
  • Holly Hunter

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