Carla Jimenez and Marcos Paredes

Recorded December 5, 2020 Archived December 5, 2020 38:28 minutes
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Carla Jimenez [no age given] speaks with her father Marcos Paredes (65) about an emergency crash landing he had to make in the Big Bend Canyon while leading an aviation tour of the park which ended in an incredibly fortuitous easy landing.

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CJ talks about her visit for the first time to MP, her father, who she recently just met, and getting to fly in one of his planes, and asks him to tell the story about his forced landing in Big Bend National Park.
MP talks about what transpired on the day that he had to make his forced landing, on his Big Bend aviation tour, and describes his safety precautions, and explaining to his customers what would happen in the event of an emergency landing.
MP talks about doing his S-turns over the Canyon and describes hearing an explosion and seeing oil all over his windshield, and knowing he has had a catastrophic engine failure.
MP describes making split second decisions about the best course of action to survive the crash, and decides to make a radio call to someone, in the hopes someone picks it up.
MP describes locating a potential landing area, at the same time that his passengers start freaking out, screaming, panicking and MP describes doing something out of character, asking his passengers to “shut up”.
MP says that the moment his wheels touched the ground, he knew he needed to come back up in the air because there was a gulley, but then quickly thereafter landing securely once and for all.
MP says that at this point his plane is stuck in the Canyon, and it's not an easy place to access, and that they Hiked out of the canyon with the Rangers who had arrived to assist them.
MP talks about how it's common for folks to be in disbelief that there was no damage to his plane and no injury, and that he doesn’t appreciate when people assume he crashed his plane because he didn't.
MP describes coming to the conclusion that he and all his friends could possibly go retrieve the plane and carry it out together, but that then his insurance ended up covering much more to haul it out, so he ended up sub-contracting to retrieving the airplane and bringing mules and tools into the canyon to dismantle the plane to bring the parts back.
MP says that just about a month ago, he was able to take CJ up in his refurbished plane.


  • Carla Jimenez (b. 1988)
  • Marcos Paredes (b. 1970)

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