Carlos Moore and Mia Raquel

Recorded November 6, 2019 Archived November 6, 2019 40:12 minutes
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Carlos Moore (49) talks with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about what triggered him to start learning about his family and the research he's done using the Bible as a resource in the past 10 years to better understand his ancestors' history and place in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

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CM recalls growing up in a small town, Kilgore, TX. He talks about some of the memories he had as a child.
CM recalls meeting some people from Ghana as an adult and not understanding why they were apologizing to him. He talks about doing some research, including using the Bible, to understand their apology.
CM talks about how his great aunt taught him and other children Hebrew and how he started to make sense of his family history.
CM reflects on struggling as a teenager, being called the n-word and being excited now to understand himself and his history better, and to be able to share it with the next generation.
CM talks about the resources he's used for his research.
CM reflects on how his friends' apology really triggered a curiosity he hadn't previously explored.
CM talks about his kids and how he's talking with them about this history, and how he keeps learning new things.


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Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch

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