Caroline Sullivan and John Paul Sullivan

Recorded December 4, 2022 Archived December 4, 2022 40:28 minutes
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Father and daughter John Paul Sullivan (81) and Caroline Sullivan (51) share a conversation about growing up in a military family, ideas of home, and their connection to San Antonio.

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Caroline Sullivan (CS) talks about San Antonio’s meaningfulness to her and her family as a military city.
CS remembers simplifying her answer growing up when people would ask where she was from.
CS talks about John Paul Sullivan (JPS) choosing to move to San Antonio to be closer to family.
CS tells the story of her abuelita adding mayonnaise to her peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
CS talks about her parents’ methods of cultivating home amid uncertainty.
JPS talks about home and how the military influenced how he shapes a home.
JPS remembers only having spent his senior year of high school in the U.S. due to being a foreign service kid.
CS tells the story of a family road trip from the east coast to San Antonio.
JPS talks about his engagement to CS’s mother.


  • Caroline Sullivan
  • John Paul Sullivan