Carolyn Aidman and Will Newman

Recorded January 11, 2022 Archived January 11, 2022 31:53 minutes
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Will Newman (23) talks with his mentor Dr. Carolyn Aidman (73) about their work with the Urban Health Initiative (UHI).

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WN talks about the reason for the conversation and gives his background.
CA talks about the Rolling Suitcase Drive with the Urban Health Initiative (UHI).
CA talks about getting organizations involved in Rolling Suitcase Drive.
CA talks about other projects of the UHI including community-based participatory research.
CA talks about the high mortality rate of women in labor and delivery in Georgia.
WN talks about why he volunteers with the UHI.
CA talks about learning how easy it is to become homeless.


  • Carolyn Aidman
  • Will Newman

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Atlanta History Center

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