Caryn Miske and Colette Fitch

Recorded June 11, 2020 Archived June 11, 2020 41:28 minutes
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On her 15th birthday, Colette Fitch (15) asks her mother, Caryn Miske (56), about some of her childhood memories and favorite experiences they have shared together. Colette shares about her struggles with depression, losing her dog, and visiting with her dad in Idaho.

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CM remembers family dinners when she was growing up.
CM talks about her experience of parenting and shares with CF a favorite memory of her.
CM recalls the death of her father when she was young.
CF shares early memories of the COVID-19 pandemic when students in her classroom were bringing news about COVID-19 to class each day.
CF shares a favorite memory of having picnics with CM.
CF talks about her struggle with depression and suicide, starting in 6th grade.
CF remembers a therapy session at the hospital when her parents came and told her their dog had died.
CF shares memories of her dog, who passed away.
CF talks about her dad, who lives in Idaho.


  • Caryn Miske (b. 1964)
  • Colette Fitch (b. 2005)

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