Cate Romelfanger and Colleen Poleon

Recorded December 10, 2022 Archived December 10, 2022 49:13 minutes
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One Small Step partners Cate Romelfanger (66) and Colleen Poleon (50) find common ground around their careers in Information Technology, being raised in military families, and their belief that United States politics have been "infected" by polarization.

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Cate shares her concerns about the current tone of political discussions.
Colleen shares some of her personal political beliefs.
Cate describes growing up being taught that homosexuality was a sin but having her views expanded by learning her good friend was gay.
Both partners express their distrust in politicians and a desire to return to bi-partisanship.
Both partners discuss their views regarding the importance of voting.
Both partners share their family's history of military service.
Both partners share their backgrounds in computer programming and information technology.
Both partners discuss their relationship history.
Both partners share that they were surprised by each other.


  • Cate Romelfanger
  • Colleen Poleon

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