Cecelia Mahone and Linda Aston

Recorded February 2, 2022 Archived February 2, 2022 40:43 minutes
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Friends Cecelia Mahone (76) and Linda Aston (63) share a conversation about their families, upbringings, Cecelia's experiences with segregation, and their educational journeys.

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CM and LA describe how they each grew up, and the differences in their experiences. CM describes her first memory of prayer.
CM talks the house her family owns on American Beach in Jacksonville, and how it is now a historical monument. LA remembers the instruments her parents played, and the sing-alongs they would have.
CM describes how the public pool she visited in Jacksonville as a child was segregated. She describes her family's religious background and how she started attending catholic school.
CM remembers her parents being redlined when trying to buy a home.
CM and LA remember working while attending college. They discuss members of their families who stressed the importance of education.
CM describes her mother's cooking ability. She remembers working with children in Detroit and teaching them life skills.
CM describes a time she ran into one of her former students. She talks about her work with a homeless coalition.
LA talks about being in awe of CM.


  • Cecelia Mahone
  • Linda Aston

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation