Chachi Hawkins and Kerie van Zeyst

Recorded February 17, 2023 Archived February 17, 2023 32:33 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Chachi Hawkins [no age given] and Kerie van Zeyst [no age given] share a conversation about the Sunshine House and their work striving to create a supportive, hunger-free community in and around Alpine, Texas, particularly for senior citizens.

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Kerie van Zeyst (KZ) explains the history of Sunshine House in Alpine, Texas.
KZ talks about their vision for a happy, healthy, and hunger-free community.
Chachi Hawkins (CH) talks about how other organizations and businesses in the area help out Sunshine House.
KZ emphasizes that Sunshine House will never turn anyone away.
CH and KZ talk about the pets that they "spoil" with treats on their meals on wheels routes.
KZ reflects on how valuable volunteers are to the organization.
CH expresses her deep care for the seniors she delivers meals to.


  • Chachi Hawkins
  • Kerie van Zeyst

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Marfa Public Library

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