Charles Eby and Janet Fox-Petersen

Recorded December 8, 2021 Archived December 8, 2021 51:18 minutes
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One Small Step partners Charles Eby (76) and Janet Fox-Petersen [no age given] talk about their families, getting involved in their communities, and about the importance of compassion.

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Charles (C) shares the influence his parents had on him. Janet (J) shares a bit of her family’s history in Wichita and her grandfather’s last words to her.
C says that he was raised in a Republican family and that he voted Republican for many years, but that he feels more independent and sometimes liberal now. J shares that she was raised in a progressive family, has gone from independent to Democrat, but that she aligns more with the term progressive.
J talks about participating in Citizens' Assembly, and C talks about Greater Angels.
J asks what caused C to shift politically, and he shares why he’s still a registered Republican. He then talks about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Open Door.
J talks about her work with a Wichita public high school to teach people about healthy relationships and restorative practices rooted in accountability, compassion, support. C talks about how compassion should be at the root of helping people struggling with homelessness.
C discusses his cancer diagnosis 25 years ago, and how he has felt blessed throughout his life. They then discuss healthcare and Medicare.
J considers the 2nd amendment in light of the mass shooting in Oxford High School in Michigan on November 30, 2021.
J and C talk about anti-vaccine videos and about how they stay connected to their conservative friends.


  • Charles Eby
  • Janet Fox-Petersen

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