Charles Kim & Kim Bellware

Recorded December 9, 2017 Archived December 9, 2017 44:25 minutes
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Id: APP444256


A conversation between Charles Kim, Guitar and Songwriting teacher at Old Town School since 1999 and Kim Bellware, friend and student. Kim and Charles discuss the effect of YouTube on classes at Old Town School, and how people choose to come for lessons because it is a break from the screens they have to look at all day long. Charles cited the first group class he took at Old Town, a banjo class, as revealing to him the importance of learning by ear, engaging muscle memory and not relying on paper. Coming from classical violin lessons as a kid, these were revelations for Charles. Both Kim and Charles express a great deal of appreciation for where Old Town Students are coming from. Both remark that there is a great deal of humility and dedication in folks who spend there after work hours engaged socially and learning a skill like dedicated beginners–especially when there is the real possibility that someone younger then they are might show up and learn at a faster pace. This conversation was recorded at the school on September 27th, 2017. Go to to hear selected excerpts from interviews collected as part of the StoryCorps-Old Town School partnership.


  • Charles Kim
  • Kim Bellware