Ashley Galvan Ramos and Christian Diaz

Recorded November 9, 2018 Archived November 9, 2018 46:14 minutes
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Christian Diaz (31) interviews his friend Ashley Galvan Ramos (20) about her activism in the Logan Square community. She also shares her family's story of displacement, and carrying on with the Chinelos' traditions.

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A talks about how people see her activism work, and how she became involved after doing a school project on sexual harassment.
A talks about her indigenous roots from Oaxaca, Puebla and Morelos, México. She also talks about her parents migration story and arriving to live with her uncle in Logan Square.
A shares about the death of her uncle after being hit by a gang member and being in a coma. C talks about how the policies affect the quality of life of immigrants and the impact on the families.
A talks about how her parents see her activism role and how it continues to be a power struggle with her dad.
A talks about her family's work on spreading the tradition of the Chinelos dancing and culture in Chicago.
A on how their family became homeless after their previous landlord sold the building and didn't notify them in advance. She shares how they had to live for three months at a family friend's basement.
A on living at their new home in Austin, West Side of Chicago, and her parents achieving the American dream of becoming homeowners.


  • Ashley Galvan Ramos
  • Christian Diaz

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Logan Square Neighborhood Association

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