Cheri Lyon and Stephen Wiard

Recorded March 20, 2023 Archived March 20, 2023 36:40 minutes
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Colleagues Cheri Lyon (65) and Stephen Wiard (74) discuss what it means to serve their community and reflect on the impact of El Pueblito Methodist Church's Shared Table program on the Taos community.

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S shares how he came to be a preacher in Taos, New Mexico. He describes the history of El Pueblito Methodist Church and the origins of the Shared Table food pantry.
S and C discuss the community they serve and the ways the Shared Table has expanded. C reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their work.
S and C share their favorite memories from the Shared Table. They discuss the role of the church in the community.
S remembers poignant moments from the early days of his ministry.
S and C share their gratitude for each other and the people who make the Shared Table possible.


  • Cheri Lyon
  • Stephen Wiard

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Taos Public Library

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