Cherice Henderson and Sarah McEnerney

Recorded August 15, 2023 Archived August 15, 2023 54:34 minutes
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One Small Step partners Cherice Henderson (52) and Sarah McEnerney (57) have a conversation about women's rights and religion.

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Cherice Henderson and Sarah McEnerney discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Sarah discusses her personal values, believing in empathy and compassion.
Cherice discusses how she formed her political beliefs.
Sarah introduces the topic of Women's Rights and hw she advocates for those rights.
Cherice looks at how religion plays a roll in her political beliefs.
Sarah discusses what she believes to be the short comings of religion.
Cherice talks about the struggles that she has been facing the past few years.


  • Cherice Henderson
  • Sarah McEnerney