Yvonne Orr-El and Kimberley Rudd

Recorded March 10, 2018 Archived March 10, 2018 37:55 minutes
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Yvonne Orr-El (48) talks to her friend Kimberley Rudd (51) about the impact that her revolutionary parents have had on her life. She shares how she found the truth under layers of family secrets, how her activism looks, and the importance of "thriving instead of just surviving life."

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Y explains her Toronto birth: her mother was a high ranking officer in the Black Panther Movement and was in hiding in Canada when she was born.
Y talks about her father raising her until she was 9 when he was arrested for his involvement with the MOVE organization. He has been a political prisoner for 40 years.
Y talks about being the daughter of revolutionaries.
Y speaks about the kind of activist she was raised to be: behind the scenes, working to change the infrastructure.
Y talks about how she has experienced racism in her life, how she was bullied as a child.
Y talks about people having the courage to be vulnerable and to have hard conversations.


  • Yvonne Orr-El
  • Kimberley Rudd

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Chicago Cultural Center

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