Robert Holbach and Marie Thomas

Recorded June 28, 2018 Archived June 28, 2018 37:56 minutes
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Robert Holbach (93) talks to his daughter, Marie Thomas (69) about his family, his career in news and mail delivery, and his advice on preparing for retirement. This is the second of two interviews.

Subject Log / Time Code

01:00 R talks about how he started delivering newspapers in 1937.
05:00 R lists all of his children, their spouses and jobs, and grandchildren.
14:00 R describes his jobs for various Chicago newspapers.
16:50 R says he became a mail carrier for the US Postal Service at the age of 53.
18:20 R talks about being in the Post Office Choir.
26:30 R describes a yearly tradition during his childhood of butchering a hog and smoking it in the back yard.
28:40 R talks about how he learned the value of money during the Great Depression.
32:00 R gives advice on saving for retirement.
37:40 R talks about how he and his wife summed up their advice on marriage: she said she speaks her mind and he said he keeps his mouth shut.


  • Robert Holbach (b. 1924)
  • Marie Thomas

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Chicago Cultural Center

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