Vishal Bhuva and Parag Bhuva

Recorded June 20, 2019 Archived June 20, 2019 36:18 minutes
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Brothers, Vishal Bhuva (30) and Parag Bhuva (29) talk about their family role models and cultural principles that influenced their career choices in public service. They discuss the challenges and fulfilling aspects of their work and how they balance work, family, and personal growth.

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VB talks about how he and his brother both work in public service.
VB reads a poem he wrote after a 30 hour shift at the ER at Cook County Hospital.
PB talks about how important his students are to him and how he started teaching meditation in addition to history.
PB talks about teaching his students about the Syrian refugee crisis and encouraged them to work with local Syrian refugee families to learn what their needs were specifically and how they could help.
VB talks about the stages of life and reflects on how he uses Hindu principles such as selfless service in work and in his relationships.
PB reflects on how he shows students that he cares about them.
VB talks about giving people the opportunity to share what is what he has found is the most effective way of building relationships, and making sure his mind is present in his conversations.


  • Vishal Bhuva
  • Parag Bhuva

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Chicago Cultural Center

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