Haley Phillips and Diana Pham

Recorded July 27, 2019 Archived July 27, 2019 41:41 minutes
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Haley Phillips (30) and her mentee Diana Pham (19) share some of the happiest and scariest moments from their lives. They also talk about the University of Illinois, Haley's alma mater which Diana will be attending this year.

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1:00 Diana describes attending a large high school and feeling like she didn't stand out.

7:00 Haley says one of the happiest moments of her life was the night she got engaged. She says her soon-to-be husband made her a movie and played it at the Logan Theatre in Logan Square.

10:30 Haley talks about getting hit by a bicyclist while she was training for a marathon. She was afraid that she would lose some of her mental capabilities.

17:00 Diana says she's nervous about being a woman in the male-dominated engineering field.

26:40 Haley remembers striving to qualify for the bronze tablet at the University of Illinois, which was awarded to the top three percent of her class.

29:00 Haley discusses her thesis project from when she was in grad school at Washington University in St. Louis. Her project was featured in the news.

30:50 Diana talks about trying to form friendships in another language while she studied abroad in Morocco. She ended up going to her friend's sister's wedding, and says it was her happiest moment.

39:00 Diana remembers calling Haley after someone said something mean about Vietnamese people. Diana and Haley say they are glad to have each other in their lives.


  • Haley Phillips (b. 1989)
  • Diana Pham (b. 2000)

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Chicago Cultural Center

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