Chiereme Fortune and Brian Parrish

Recorded October 26, 2021 Archived October 26, 2021 52:01 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Chiereme Fortune (30) and Brian Parrish (52) talk about Chiereme's relationship with her family and her mental health journey. Brian talks about his family and becoming Mormon, and the two discuss the influential people in their lives.

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TRACK 1 CF and BP talk about why they chose to participate in OSS. They read each others’ bios and ask each other about them.
CF talks about her parents’ divorce and what she learned about her relationships with her parents from that.
TRACK 2 CF talks about conversations she would have with her dad about their relationship.
TRACK 3 CF talks about how she started having suicidal thoughts. She talks about getting help and how her relationship is with her dad now.
BP talks about his dad and the relationship they have. He talks about his wife and some of her life experiences.
CF discusses her mental health and how she has changed going to therapy. She talks about her experience finding a therapist she likes.
BP talks about becoming mormon. He talks about the importance, to him, of loving your neighbor.
BP talks about the influence of his dad. He talks about how his dad taught him, “if you’re going to do anything, do it right”.
CF talks about her grandmother, who died at age 96. She talks about her nursing and volunteer work, and the memories she has of her at the end of her life.
BP talks about his political views. He talks about how the values he holds are shaped by his family and his environment. He talks about learning about others’ beliefs through social media.
CF talks about her beliefs and the importance of sticking to issues that matter to her rather than people/leaders when it comes to politics.


  • Chiereme Fortune
  • Brian Parrish

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