Childhood, Work, and Baseball with Brandon

Recorded July 21, 2018 Archived July 21, 2018 09:10 minutes
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In this interview we talked about Brandon’s childhood, baseball, and his favorite and least favorite places to work. This interview was quite the challenge. I learned that I am a pretty good interviewer but my boyfriend is not so great at being interviewed so I really had to stick to the script and ask him questiones I previously warned him about. There is a moment where I ask him a question and he goes blank for a second. He didn’t know how to answer because it was sort of out of the blue. I was trying to venture out with my questions based on his answers but I realized that wasn’t the best idea.. he goes blank. There were a few attempts to this interview, background noise messed us up and also ya just laughing too much. The only technical issues I had was trying to post it the first time but it ended up posting the next day.


  • Brandon Suttles
  • Jesse Combs

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