Chris Ash and Erin Albright

Recorded May 12, 2021 Archived May 11, 2021 41:29 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Chris Ash (45) and Erin Albright (39) talk about first connecting with each other through finding common beliefs they share on social media about human trafficking and sex trade. Together, they discuss some of the opinions they share and how they were formed, and talk about the importance of how survivors are treated in anti-trafficking spaces in order to not perpetuate harm.

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Erin and Chris remember first "meeting" each other through social media and realizing they both had many shared beliefs about conversations on anti-trafficking.
Chris talks about live-streaming their 45th birthday party during the pandemic.
Chris talks about growing up in a family of performers and talks about how that influenced their interests in performance.
Chris talks about volunteering with a rape crisis center.
Erin talks about her childhood and what it was like to spend a lot of it sick and in the hospital. She talks about how this influenced the creation of her "symbol of resilience," a tiara.
Chris discusses the ways that work in human trafficking has included and also used survivor trauma in ways that are harmful to the community.
Chris talks about a conference they went to, remembering a specific session that was particularly discouraging to survivors and their position in advocacy.
Erin wonders about how many people are not comfortable sharing their true opinions on human trafficking because of their positions in the work. She gives advice to people to research to form an opinion.
Chris talks about the fact that poorly researched anti-trafficking advocacy can actually do more harm than good.
Erin gives advice to her past self. Both Erin and Chris share their hopes for the future.


  • Chris Ash
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