Chris Smith and Katherine Chon

Recorded May 14, 2021 Archived May 13, 2021 46:24 minutes
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On the 20th anniversary of passing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, Representative Chris Smith (68) speaks with his colleague in anti-trafficking work, Katherine Chon [no age given] about his role in writing and passing the bill. He talks about how he learned about human trafficking and speaks to the importance of the work of non-profit and faith-based organizations in collaboration with government policies.

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TRACK 1 CS reflects on his parents as important role models in his life.
CS talks about his pro-life beliefs and his commitment to protecting at-risk populations.
CS speaks to the importance of NGOs and faith-based communities in influencing policy changes.
CS talks about his initial understandings of human trafficking through his international travels, which later led to his work in writing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). He discusses the importance of including survivor testimonies in passing the bill.
CS addresses human trafficking as a human rights issue that must be addressed regardless of numbers.
CS speaks to bipartisanship as an asset to being able to pass the TVPA. He talks about being able to build on and add to legislation after learning more.
CS talks about the progress of the anti-trafficking field. He talks about the diversity of the United States as an asset to doing the work internationally.
CS shares what keeps him passionate about his work: his faith, his wife, and the professionals he works with.
CS shares his hopes for the future: empowered youth, better awareness and education, and accountability for businesses.
TRACK 2 KC and CS thank each other.


  • Chris Smith
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