Christiana Pell and Lewis Pell

Recorded March 27, 2023 Archived March 27, 2023 22:23 minutes
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Christiana Pell [no age given] speaks with her husband, Lewis Pell (87), about her childhood, young adulthood, and their life together.

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C describes her childhood in Soviet-occupied Germany, in Italy with her grandmother, and later in New York City with her father.
C speaks about her time in an orphanage and the families she stayed with before living with her father again.
C remembers her first loves. She also describes a mental health crisis and recalls how she got through it.
C and L describe how they met and reflect on their life together. They speak about their children and the disasters they have lived through.
L speaks about his ministry in New York City.
C describes reuniting with her family after more than 60 years of separation.
L shares a song he wrote for C.


  • Christiana Pell
  • Lewis Pell

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Taos Public Library

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