Christina Cipriani Xavier with Amanda Berry for Stonewall OutLoud

Recorded June 6, 2019 Archived June 6, 2019 44:12 minutes
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Id: APP644053


Christina tells Amanda about growing up in Brooklyn, coming out at 14, navigating life with parents who never accepted her sexuality, creating a chosen family, deciding to have a child in the 80s, and later struggling for custody as a non-biological mother. Christina describes becoming a grandmother, her decision to move to Chicago to join a LGBT senior housing community (The Center on Addison), and the happiness she feels in her life today. The conversation concludes with a remembrance of those trans women, butch lesbians, and people of color who fought in the Stonewall riots, and Christina's wishes for younger generations of LGBT folks today.


  • Amanda Berry
  • Christina Xavier
  • Karen Morris